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Ecology and Evolution

Faculty of Biology

Available programmes

first-cycle programme

not availble

second-cycle programme

study mode: full-time programme

language of instruction: English

profile: general academic

duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

title: Magister (equivalent of Master’s degree)

discipline: Biological Sciences

Admissions to this programme has not been held from the 2023/24 academic year

Programme description

The general academic Master’s degree studies Ecology and Evolution are addressed to English-speaking undergraduate students who seek specialist education in contemporary ecological and evolutionary issues. Our experienced staff, familiarized with international, cross-cultural academic environment, imparts deepened and always updated theoretical and applicable knowledge with putting stress upon team work, developing problem-solving skills and planning field and experimental research. The unique, interdisciplinary study programme provides a large number of practical activities in well equipped, modern laboratories. The student gains a broad understanding of ecological and evolutionary principles and enters a path to become a successful scientist who can publish results of self-conducted research in recognised international scientific journals. He/she acquires adaptive social and managerial competences along with a design mindset—so as to utilize ecological knowledge in practical environmental conservation and resources management.

Information regarding Faculty

The Faculty of Biology (until 2017—the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences ) was established in 1951. It has the A scientific category in the rating of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, study programmes conducted at the Faculty lead in rankings prepared by the Education Foundation 'Perspektywy' and talented students win the prestigious Diamond Grant programme. The Faculty of Biology allows students to develop their interests regarding various aspects of biology, neurobiology and environment sciences in well equipped laboratories and during field trips. It gives a possibility to chose a profile of educational path, implement individual research projects, and chose subjects taught by the experts from the Institute of Botany, the Institute of Environmental Sciences, the Institute of Zoology and Biomedical Research and the Botanical Garden.

The premises of the Faculty are located on the territory of the Campus of the 600th Anniversary of the JU Revival.  Ecology and Evolution study programme is conducted at the Institute of Environmental Sciences, which is a part of the Faculty of Biology. Students may use the well equipped environmental sciences library and reading room, as well as Internet databases with full access to articles regarding biological and medical sciences. 

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Rankings, distinctions, accreditations

  • Scientific category A in the discipline of Biological Sciences awarded to the Jagiellonian University in Kraków by the decision of the Minister of Education and Science

Curriculum overview

In the programme curriculum, you may find information about the subjects you will attend while studying this programme. The programme indicates which subjects are scheduled for each semester of the studies, which are mandatory, which belong to the group of elective subjects (so-called optional subjects), which of them end with an exam, and which do not. Each subject in such a programme curriculum has its syllabus, which is a description of what students learn within the scope of that subject.

Student matters

International Students Office

Centre of Academic Support
ul. Ingardena 6, 30-060 Kraków, Poland

Student Scholarships Office

Centre of Academic Support
ul. Ingardena 6, 30-060 Kraków, Poland

Student’s life

Time spent at the university is not all about education and class participation; it is also an excellent opportunity to develop hobbies and interests. Many research societies and student organizations work at the Jagiellonian University, including faculty- and university-wide ones. These societies allow students to spend their free time actively, gain knowledge, develop their talents, participate in engaging, unconventional projects, go on research and team-building trips, participate in conferences and meet fellow students outside the lecture halls. There are many student associations at the Faculty of Biology.

Students interested in the international dimension of studying can participate in a wide variety of exchange programmes such as Erasmus+, Utrecht Network, exchange programmes within Bilateral Agreements or European university Una Europa, or participate in a domestic mobility programme called MOST.

More than just studies

From our students

Jacob, United States
The Ecology and Evolution programme manages to be both fun and challenging. It has a lot of hands on and practical courses both in the lab and out in the field nearby campus and into the mountains and forests. As it's an international program you get to work with other students from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, learn about environmental and world issues from perspectives you otherwise wouldn't hear. It really allows for a great setting to grow as a person. The program itself much like the subject matter is extremely varied, you'll have the ability to learn a wide variety of subjects while focusing on the subject matter that you care about.

Failasuf, Indonesia
Deep learning in Ecology and Evolution programme, this programme provides me quite a lot of practical works, and surely a lot of theory. I am happy when I have the opportunity to attend a lecture in the mountain area, national park, riverside, and others. This university has its own museum, which is very useful and enables us to learn history of the globe in evolutionary perspective. Krakow is a beautiful city with a lot of attraction and tourism objects. A lot of libraries are there which can be used freely by students, even by foreigners.

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See also

Careers Service

Centre of Academic Support
ul. Ingardena 6, 30-060 Kraków, Poland


Graduates of Ecology and Evolution programme become effective scientists able to set up experiments and research (including field research/work) using appropriate and modern methods, analyse obtained results, write scientific papers and reports and prepare their spoken or graphic presentations. Accomplishment of two year studies allows employment either in dynamically evolving public or private sectors worldwide: laboratories, public administration, governmental agencies, various types of research units as well as non-governmental and private organisations.

Further education possibilities


The study programme is conducted at the Institute of Environmental Sciences, a unit of the Faculty of Biology. The Institute is located in the Campus of the 600th Anniversary of the JU Revival, so-called the Third Campus, in Kraków’s district – Ruczaj. For more information, please contact:,

ul. Gronostajowa 7
30-387 Kraków, Poland
Phone: (+48) 12 664 51 82, 664 51 24, 664 51 94