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Please be informed this study programme is offered in Polish—to undertake this programme knowledge of Polish language at least at sufficient level is required and will be verified upon application. If you do not speak Polish you can enrol in one of Polish language courses offered by Jagiellonian University School of Polish Language and Culture. Full list of programmes in foreign languages you may find here: Programmes in foreign languages.

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Faculty of Law and Administration

Available programmes

long-cycle programme

study mode: full-time programme, part-time programme

language of instruction: Polish

profile: general academic

duration: 5 years (10 semesters)

title: Magister (equivalent of Master’s degree)

discipline: Law

Programme description

A simple matter—if you want to study at the best law faculty in Poland, we invite you to a five-year Law study programme at the Jagiellonian University! Although the traditions of studying law at our Faculty date back to the 14th century, we offer a modern curriculum that you can easily adapt to your needs and interests thanks to the wide range of courses, only a few of which are obligatory. During the Law studies, you can learn not only about Polish law, but also about foreign systems within foreign law schools—some programmes allow you to obtain a double master's degree. At the Faculty, we do not close ourselves within University walls - we cooperate with the business world and focus on practice so that your knowledge and skills match the market's needs. The varied forms of classes, the opportunity to participate in prestigious competitions, support for research activities, and an individual approach to the student mean that everyone can find their path—not only in the traditional legal professions (including a lawyer, legal advisor, judge, prosecutor, bailiff, notary public, trustee), but also in science and all institutions requiring legal knowledge. Law graduates at JU consistently achieve the highest results in exams for legal apprenticeships and constitute the largest group of judicial and prosecutor trainees.

Information regarding Faculty

The Faculty of Law and Administration is the oldest scientific unit at the Jagiellonian University, and its history dates back to 1364. Invariably, it maintains the highest level of education, confirmed by the highest institutional rating of the Polish Accreditation Committee, awarding the scientific A+ category in the classification of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, leading results in national rankings and the best results in legal apprenticeship exams for several years.

The Faculty of Law and Administration offers a considerable degree of latitude when it comes to study pattern: a vast catalogue of courses enables the implementation of personal development paths, attendance at classes is in most cases optional, and internships are carried out in a flexible model. The access to knowledge is facilitated – students receive, among others, free access to legal information systems, well-equipped libraries, an innovative e-learning platform, and many textbooks in electronic form.

At the Faculty, we emphasize modern teaching methods and practice: apart from lectures, we offer many practical classes, workshops, tutorials, training sessions, projects, courses, dissertation simulations, proseminars, seminars, and other classes for the comprehensive development of competencies. Although the faculty is located in the historic center of Kraków, classes are held in renovated buildings and a new teaching center with a courtroom simulation room.

Everyone interested in the international aspect of studying can take advantage of the opportunities offered by Erasmus+, SYLFF Association, Pan-European Seal Program, or the European University Una Europa. There are also over a dozen foreign law programs at our faculty – some of them allow you to obtain a double diploma.  We run approximately 130 courses in foreign languages, and we cooperate with over 120 universities within Erasmus+ programme. Our students are successful and achieve high results in prestigious international competitions.

At the Faculty, we focus on comprehensive education, and we also enable development in interdisciplinary scientific and social projects. We cooperate well with business entities and we organise a series of conferences and events connecting the academic world with the socio-economic environment. Students who are particularly interested in certain fields of law can actively attend numerous students’ research clubs, most of them associated with the historical Society of Law Students' Library.

Rankings, distinctions, accreditations

  • The Ranking of Study Programmes prepared by the ‘Perspektywy’ Education Foundation:
    • 1st place between 2017-2019 and 2021-2023
    • 2nd place in 2020
  • The highest pass rate of graduates at entrance exams for applications
  • The Ranking of Law Faculties prepared by 'Rzeczpospolita':
    • 1st place in 2017-2020 and 2022-2023
    • 2nd place in 2021
  • The Ranking of Law Faculties prepared by 'Dziennik Gazeta Prawna':
    • 1st place in 2017-2018 and 2021-2023
    • 2nd place in 2019-2020 
  • Scientific category A in the discipline of Law awarded to the Jagiellonian University in Kraków by the decision of the Minister of Education and Science

Curriculum overview

In the programme curriculum, you may find information about the subjects you will attend while studying this programme. The programme indicates which subjects are scheduled for each semester of the studies, which are mandatory, which belong to the group of elective subjects (so-called optional subjects), which of them end with an exam, and which do not. Each subject in such a programme curriculum has its syllabus, which is a description of what students learn within the scope of that subject.

Student matters

International Students Office

Centre of Academic Support
ul. Ingardena 6, 30-060 Kraków, Poland

Student Scholarships Office

Centre of Academic Support
ul. Ingardena 6, 30-060 Kraków, Poland

Student’s life

Time spent at the university is not all about education and class participation; it is also an excellent opportunity to develop hobbies and interests. Many research societies and student organizations operate at the Jagiellonian University, including faculty- and university-wide ones. These societies allow students to spend their free time actively, gain knowledge, develop their talents, participate in engaging, unconventional projects, go on research and team-building trips, participate in conferences, and meet fellow students outside the lecture halls.

Students interested in the international dimension of studying can participate in a wide variety of exchange programmes offered by Erasmus+, SYLFF Association, Pan-European Seal Program, or the European University Una Europa, or take part in the domestic mobility programme called MOST.

More than just studies

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All about admission

Admissions Office

Centre of Academic Support
ul. Ingardena 6, 30-060 Kraków, Poland

Admission to studies

Admission to study programmes at the Jagiellonian University is conducted electronically in the Online Application System: If you have any questions related to admission, please contact the Admissions Office directly or visit the websites: and

Detailed information about admission to this study programme, including information on the method of calculating the result, qualification criteria, fees, deadlines, and a list of required documents are available on the Online Application System (IRK):

Transfer from other university or study programme

Transfer from another university, including a foreign one, or change of study programme within the University is possible with the dean's consent after completing the first year of studies and fulfilling additional requirements established by the Faculty Council. For inquiries regarding transfer, please contact the unit responsible for the specific study programme directly.

See also

Careers Service

Centre of Academic Support
ul. Ingardena 6, 30-060 Kraków, Poland


Graduating from Law allows you to start a career in one of the many legal professions, including: attorney-at-law, legal advisor, judge, bailiff, notary, trustee, public prosecutor. Law students have the opportunity to improve their practical ability to apply law as part of the Student Legal Clinic and the student internship programme in courts, public prosecutor's offices, law offices, and public administration bodies. At the Faculty, we have been working closely with the most important companies and law corporations for several years, listening to their needs so that your knowledge and skills correspond to the market's needs.

Further education possibilities

University in close-up

Centre for Communications and Marketing

Offer for school

The following events are conducted in Polish – to find out about the offer for English-speaking audience, please get in touch with the organizer directly. Additionally, due to the current pandemic, some faculty and university events may be canceled or conducted in a form other than that described below.

We invite all schools to take part in the cycle of meetings "University Closer to You – visits to the Jagiellonian University". The aim of the meetings during the tours is to familiarize students with the history of our University through a rich educational offer (lectures, workshops, laboratory classes, etc.). The current programme of the event is available on the organizer's website – the Centre for Communications and Marketing of the Jagiellonian University.

The Jagiellonian Library offers tours of both the old and new parts of the building. The tour programme includes presentations on the history of the Library and the building itself, as well as a visit to the Department of Depositories. The offer of the Collegium Maius includes lessons on "The Trail of Science" and "The Trail of History and Art," as well as interactive online classes. We also invite you to explore the educational offer of the Botanical Garden, the Nature Education Centre, the Confucius Institute, and the Museum of Anatomy.


The study programme is conducted at the Faculty of Law and Administration, which is located in the historic centre of Kraków. For more information, please contact:

ul. Gołębia 24
31-007 Kraków, Poland
Phone: (+48) 12 663 11 64, 663 11 18