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International Relations

Faculty of International and Political Studies

Available programmes

first-cycle programme

not available

second-cycle programme

study mode: full-time programme

language of instruction: English

profile: general academic

duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

title: Magister (equivalent of Master’s degree)

main discipline: Political Sience and Public Administration

Programme description

This joint Master’s degree programme in International Relations is carried out within the framework of the VNDREAM network, which consists of: Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland), Masaryk University (Czech Republic), University of Pecs (Hungary) and Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia). Programme offers a unique opportunity to study international relations, European politics, economy, society & culture from the perspective of the Visegrad region. Experienced faculty of the leading universities from the Visegrad region as well as visiting professors and guest lecturers from renowned international academic and diplomatic institutions provide insightful and inspiring instruction about major developments in contemporary international law, economics, politics and culture in light of the European integration processes seen from the standpoint of the Visegrad region. Students spend each semester at each partner university. Scholarships 'Visegrad grant' awarded by the International Visegrad Fund are awarded to the best ranked students enrolled for the programme in the respective academic year.

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Information regarding Faculty

The programme is run by a VNDREAM Consortium composed of four universities:

  • the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Faculty of International and Political Studies (project coordinator),
  • the Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Faculty of Political Science and International Relations,
  • University of Pecs, Faculty of Humanities and
  • Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Science.

The consortium is a network of excellence of established Visegrad countries’ universities with the aim to spur co-operation and the exchange of best practices in the academic fields of international relations and European studies as seen in the perspective of Visegrad region.

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The Faculty of International and Political Studies is the most international and interdisciplinary unit at the Jagiellonian University. Its offer includes unique courses in English, many of which are implemented under agreements with foreign universities. The faculty allows you to study in a nationally and culturally diverse environment, both in Polish and foreign languages. It promotes mutual getting to know each other and translates into development perspectives in the field of further studies or professional work. The faculty has an extensive structure, reflecting the diversity of scientific research carried out there, which allows you to study with a group of specialists dealing with almost every corner of the world. The principal seat of the Faculty of International and Political Studies is a modern building to which the Faculty moved in 2021. The faculty has created comfortable conditions for studying near the Jagiellonian Library, surrounded by green areas like Kraków's Błonia and Jordan Park.

Rankings, distinctions, accreditations

  • Quality certificate of education of the Polish Accreditation Committee in 2013
  • 'A' Category for the Faculty granted by Committee for the Evaluation of Scientific Units (KEJN)

Curriculum overview

Programme curriculum consists of information regarding classes in which you will take part while studying at this field of study. The programme provides data on classes in particular semesters, which of them are compulsory or optional, which of them end with an exam, and which do not. Each class has its own syllabus – a description of contents of the class.

Student matters

International Students Office

Centre of Academic Support
ul. Ingardena 6, 30-060 Kraków, Poland

Student Scholarships Office

Centre of Academic Support
ul. Ingardena 6, 30-060 Kraków, Poland

Student’s life

Studies are not all about education and participation in classes, they are also a great opportunity to develop your hobbies and interests. There are many research societies and student organizations working at the Jagiellonian University, including faculty-, and university-wide ones, which allow students to spend their free time actively, gain knowledge, develop their talents, participate in interesting, unconventional projects, go on research and team-building trips, participate in conferences and meet fellow students outside of the lecture halls. There are many research societies working at the Faculty of International and Political Studies.

Students curious about the world, who love to travel may take part in student exchange programmes and visit one of many foreign universities under the Erasmus+ programme or take part in MOST programme (domestic mobility).

More than just studies

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All about admission

Admissions Office

Centre of Academic Support
ul. Ingardena 6, 30-060 Kraków, Poland

Admission to studies

Admission at the Jagiellonian University is conducted electronically in the Online Application System (IRK): Admissions Office is responsible for the admission process at the Jagiellonian University. In case of questions regarding admission, contact the Office directly or visit websites: and

Information regarding admission to this study programme, including qualification rules, admission and tuition fee, schedule, required documents and information on final result calculation, are available on the Online Application System (IRK):

Transfer from other university or study programme

Transfer from other university or other study programme is possible, with the consent of the dean: after finishing a first year of studies and fulfilling additional conditions described by the Faculty Council. In case of questions regarding a transfer, contact the unit in charge of study programme directly.

See also

Careers Service

Centre of Academic Support
ul. Ingardena 6, 30-060 Kraków, Poland


Graduates will acquire in-depth knowledge and analytical skills in the field of contemporary international relations in the global, European and regional dimensions with particular emphasis on the Central European perspective on key global and regional processes in the sphere of economy, security, society and culture as well as the position and role of Europe and the Visegrad region in contemporary international system. These competences will be built upon the foundation of the history, languages and culture of Central Europe. Graduates of this study program will be prepared to work in international institutions, public administration, media and non-governmental organizations. They will acquire competences necessary to conduct individual research in the framework of third degree studies.

Further education possibilities

What alumni say about us

Agata Mazepus (Poland) Agata Mazepus (Poland)
The idea of the programme itself is great. How otherwise to learn about the politics, societies, culture, and economy of the countries you study than experience it there? The opportunity to learn about the Central European region from the perspective of each country is uncanny. It is always better to hear the different sides of the story.

Jeyhun Ashirov (Azerbaijan) Jeyhun Ashirov (Azerbaijan)
I have enjoyed warm and friendly environment at CES where high quality of education is being taught with innovative methods at historical Jagiellonian University.

Daniela Ivankova (Slovakia) Daniela Ivankova (Slovakia)
I consider Visegrad MA Programme as a great enrichment of my student life. I appreciate that we can study under experienced and qualified experts and they use different educational methods. This program is made for people who are not afraid of changes and they can adapt quickly to new environment and new people. The biggest advantage for me is the international environment, which helps to get rid of different prejudices. I am deeply interested in what I study and this programme gives me the opportunity to obtain internationally recognized education, which will be hopefully helpful for my future career.


Study programme is conducted at the Institute of European Studies, which is a part of the Faculty of International and Political Studies. The Institute is located near the Jagiellonian Library, Jordan Park and Błonia Park. In case of questions regarding studies, contact:

ul. Reymonta 4, room 539/540
30-059 Kraków, Poland
Phone: (+48) 12 663 27 80