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Faculty of Philology

Although it appeared in the structure of the university in 1951, the Faculty of Philology offers courses of study (fields of research) that have existed for a long time and whose tradition goes back one, two, or even five centuries. The Faculty offers over 20 philologies but teaches as many as 50 languages! It has the A category granted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, fields of studies conducted at the faculty lead in rankings prepared by the Education Foundation “Perspektywy”, and talented students join the prestigious Diamond Grant program winners.

Studies at the Faculty of Philology have enjoyed unflagging popularity for years, allowing graduates to work, among others, as a translator, editor in publishing houses, teacher in schools, journalist, or employee of diplomatic or special services. Internships and paid internships offered by companies cooperating with the faculty and vocational courses and certified training, available to all interested students, can help smooth entry into the labor market. Studies at the Faculty of Philology also include classes in small groups and the opportunity to work in more than 20 research clubs.

The faculty consists of 8 units: the Institute of English Philology, the Institute of German Philology, the Institute of Classical Philology, the Institute of Romance Philology, the Institute of Slavic Philology and the Institute of East Slavonic Philology, the Institute of Linguistics and Translation, and the Institute of Oriental Studies, which emerged from it in the second half of the 20th century.

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